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Hello world!

 I'm Uri, Head of UX/DX at Wix (Wix Code) where I shape tools for developers. I'm also the Chief Editor of the Wix UX Publication.

I love to learn, reflect and write about my areas of passion: Design leadership, Usability, Developer Experience (DX), and more.

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Publication: Wix UX

Reading Time: 6 min

Date: Nov 9, 2022

Shaping tools for developers? Let's do it with usability in mind. After conducting over 100 interviews with developers about making dev tools easier to use, I've gained some insights. Check out my article about designing better developer interfaces.

The impact of dogfooding on DX design


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs. Designers have many methods to develop a deep understanding of how to make their DX design works - one of them is dogfooding.

The DevRel-UX relationship


How to design DX with intent? I find some overlaps between the work of UX designers and DevRels - connecting the perspectives of both groups leads to a more holistic process.

Designing effective command-line interfaces


How to keep users calm, confident, and in control as they interact with a command line interface through better usability.

Publication: Smashing Magazine

Reading Time: 15 min

Date: Nov 30, 2020

By formally adopting web accessibility standards, you can provide access to people with visual impairments without involving them in the product development lifecycle, but does that mean the end product is usable?

Publication: Smashing Magazine

Reading Time: 14 min

Date: Jul 30, 2020

Just like during the Renaissance, we’re living in times of incredible cultural and artistic innovation. As the Internet evolves, browsers align, capabilities are added and accessibility of technology becomes easier, designers face new opportunities to create, think, and change their status with no-code tools.

Publication: UX Collective

Reading Time: 7 min

Date: Jan 11, 2020

To solve a problem or achieve a specific goal we need to use different kinds of tools — tools that help us in the building itself and tools that allow us to think and make decisions — KPI is one of them.

Publication: UX Collective

Reading Time: 7 min

Date: Oct 26, 2019

Who determines where the eyes will look at first sight - the designer or the user? Nine years ago I was a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, specializing in Interactive Media at the Department of Visual Communication. One of the first...

Publication: UX Collective

Reading Time: 7 min

Date: Oct 25, 2019

As a former football player in the youth Israeli league, it inspired me to think about how my football background helps me during my career as a UX designer and I want to share with you some of my insights.


Conference: ISVIS 2019

Talk Duration: 9 min

Date: Sep 13, 2019

The famous cliche that eyes are a window to the soul recently gets an innovative meaning. Mapping of eye movements can serve as a tool for characterizing the user by his/her gaze alone.

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